I’m Christina.

You may know me from the Union Square Ventures team in New York City, which I used to be a part of, or from the Entrepreneurial Design class at the School of Visual Arts. (Here’s the syllabus, assignments, and students’ take.)

Nowadays, I code a lot. I’m trying to learn to build things – here’s the longer explanation for why that is. Laisin was the first thing-with-a-database! I built; as I did, I kept a changelog, which ended up being helpful for me and fun for others to follow, so next I made Changeslogged, so anyone can keep a changelog. Now, I’m working on an Android app.

I write too; my favorite posts lately are “What Comes Next”, about the summer I spent visiting tech-company accelerators, “Learning to Build”, about quitting my job to code, and “SF Things”, about a few of the reasons San Francisco is great (though pretty odd.) When I’m not writing, there’s a decent chance I’m reading.

I’ve lived in Columbus, the Bay Area, Berlin, and New York City and spent extendedish time in Kigali, Kampala, and Bangkok. A bit ago, I tried to crowdsource travel recommendations for a trip to Asia, which sorta worked. I used to post my trips to Dopplr, and then it stopped working. Gah Nokia! Now I post travel photos to Wanderbild instead.

Before all this, I studied economics and design at Stanford. The projects there of which I’m most proud are my undergrad thesis, which looked at the split of chores in northwestern Tanzanian households, and a human-powered pelletizer, which would (sorta) turn biomass into fuel for smallholder farmers. After college, when I lived in Berlin, I helped map “a new etiquette for the digital age” (English, Deutsch), and wrote a short design research book. (It was self published, so nothing too fancy.)

I keep a few mailing lists: one for people interested in jobs in venture capital, another for non-technical jobs at startups, and a third for red panda photos. You can probably guess which is most popular – and which I enjoy most.