I’d like to preface the below with the caveats that I believe (1) every self-respecting tech blogger needs one post on margins; and (2) this is my one post.

During a coffee earlier this week, Bryan Birsic remarked that the marginal utility of starting to blog, to tweet, to Quora, has fallen drastically – it’s quite difficult now to “make a name” for oneself engaging in these communities, especially among people who consider themselves interested in tech. To generalize very broadly, technology is an industry full of people who love to talk about new ideas that will change the world.

Adam Smith called this one: the more benefit in an activity, the more people will partake – up until that benefit is driven down to the cost of partaking. I’m beginning to realize this is what people are saying when they talk about “everyone shouting at one another” and “information overload.”

It also occurs to me that one medium that still has margin – perhaps the next one? – is actually making things. It seems pedantic, but one way to gain thought leadership in an area is to go ahead and make your vision.

That “the costs of building a prototype have fallen” and “you only need a weekend to launch a new idea” are accepted truisms. As these statements become even more obvious, more people will get excited and make things- perhaps to the point where there’s no respect to be had in making things, either.

That’s a problem for another year though. We’re definitely not there yet.