I’ve written before about getting into venture capital as a “young person” – someone who has less than a decade of work experience and wasn’t a co-founder or very early member of the executive staff of a successful company. If you read the post, you’ll realize: I don’t have a five-step (or n-step) guide to entering into the venture business because it’s hard: every firm is idiosyncratic, and the odds are awful.

It’s hard for me to devote time to meeting with people about getting into venture capital, and I’ve realized most people who ask to meet don’t want my opinion on the venture business – they want me to direct them toward venture jobs.

To do that, I’ve started a mailing list to which I’ll post venture capital and venture capital-like jobs that hit my inbox. I ask a few questions up front of subscribers about their backgrounds, but I’m trying to keep the screening light on both sides: the point of this is market efficiency, not market matching.

If you’re interested in hearing about job opportunities in venture capital, please sign up: http://bit.ly/VCjobsList