Who needs summer Fridays when you can spend Friday afternoons diving into product and design feedback sessions?

Gary and I are going to start hosting “Product Sessions” at the Union Square Ventures office in New York City. These will be 45 minute in-depth product and design feedback sessions, led by Gary and I.

Here’s the deal: We’d love to see your prototype — whether it’s made of paper or pixels; it’s in your sketchbook, phone, or browser; it’s your day job or side project — and we’ll do our absolute best to help out with brainstorming, articulating big ideas, giving reasoned critiques, and having tons of product and design fun. We’re planning on having special guests to drop by, and like all good events, we’re likely to have beer on hand. If this all sounds compelling, please sign up.

Errata: It’ll likely take us a few weeks to sort through the logistics here, so we’re going to keep these in-person and in New York for now. If all goes well, we’ll open up via Skype eventually.

These sessions aren’t for pitches, general networking, or investment advice; if you’re interested in that, both Gary and I host Ohours semi-regularly. We’re also reachable by email.